Fitbit’s ‘2021 Year in Review’ Offers Users Activity, Sleep Insights, More

Fitbit is offering users the ability to view the highlights of their fitness data from the past year as part of the ‘2021 Year In Review’ feature. Users will be able to look at useful details of their activity and sleep from 2021, while looking at information in easy-to-understand metrics like average hours of sleep, total active zone minutes, total steps, and their most active day. According to the email received by users, the 2021 Fitbit Year in Review is based on aggregated and anonymised data of global Fitbit users from January 1 2021 to December 31, 2021.

As part of the ‘2021 Year in Review’ email sent out to Fitbit customers, the Google-owned service is sharing notable moments from the past year, such as their most active day where a user took the most steps, and the total number of steps taken in 2021. Some metrics are also compared to the Fitbit community, such as the total number of days exercised last year. Fitbit is also nudging users to pick up Fitbit Premium to get even more details with the service’s Wellness Report.

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Fitbit’s ‘2021 Year In Review’ email contains steps, sleep and activity details for the past year

Fitbit wearable devices also help users track their sleep, and the 2021 Year in Review provides some interesting insights into a user’s daily sleep schedule, The service shows the average time spent sleeping, the average bedtime and wake-up time, as well as average sleep score. Users can also compare these statistics with the Fitbit community, just like for step tracking.

In addition to step counting and sleep tracking, users will also be able to check their total Active Zone (AZM) minutes data, which provides users with details on their total AZM for 2021 along with their daily average. Features like a Daily Readiness Score will require a Fitbit Premium membership, according to the company.

Year in review features are popular among services like Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit.

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