From Biryani To Boiled Eggs: Learn How To Reheat These 7 Foods And Keep Its Freshness


Just admit it, while ordering food from your favourite place, you probably ordered a little extra, and now you have all these leftovers in the fridge. As those leftovers occupy the space in your fridge, you might want to get rid of them before they go bad. But often, when you eat the leftover food, they might not have the same freshness as they did earlier. This is when reheating those foods properly becomes essential. However, just popping them in the microwave is not enough. There are certain techniques and ways in which you can bring back the freshness. So, if you want to know how you can make those leftovers fresh again, here we bring you certain foods and hacks to reheat them! Check them out below:

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Here Are Tips To Reheat Certain Foods

1. Biryani

When reheating biryani in the microwave, add one tablespoon of water per cup of rice, break the clamps with a spoon, and heat until the water is absorbed. Before putting your vessel in the microwave, you can cover the mouth with a plate or a towel. There’s no need to seal the edges; doing so will keep the moisture in your rice.

2. Jalebi

Place the leftover Jalebi on a microwave-safe platter. At a high temperature, heat it for about 10 seconds. After some time has passed, check it once. If the Jalebi is crunchy on the outside but not warm on the inside, cook for an additional 10 seconds.


3. Momos

Cover the momos with a damp muslin cloth or paper towel and place them in a microwave-safe bowl. Depending on the number of momos, heat it for up to two minutes. In no time, you’ll have fresh and delicious momos.

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4. Boiled Eggs

Never microwave a boiled egg, as the yolk could explode. Rather heat water alone and pour it over the boiled egg until it is completely submerged. Allow them to sit for 10 minutes to reheat.

boiled eggs

5. Pizza

In the hack, only two things are required. Simply place your pizza in the microwave for 30 seconds along with a glass of water. The resulting pizza slice will be hot and crispy, with the base texture remaining intact.


6. Chicken

Microwaving a chicken can result in it turning too hot. So simply brush some oil on the chicken and bake it in an oven for around 10 minutes. This way, the chicken will also taste fresh.


7. Soggy Fries

If you are thinking to microwave the fries, then don’t do that. This way, the fries will become soggier. Instead, you can place them in an air fryer for up to three minutes. This way, they will come out crisp.


So, when you are reheating them next time, keep these points in your mind!

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