Inspire India Summit 2021: Creating Awareness About Health And Fitness

Inspire India Summit 2021: Creating Awareness About Health And Fitness

This was the second edition of the show.

A show completely dedicated to the health and fitness industry, the second Inspire India Summit 2021 (IIS 2021) was held on December 19, 2021 at Hotel Sheraton, in New Delhi. 

Attended by fitness trainers, coaches, athletes, retailers, distributors and manufacturers of health and energy products as well as social influencers, the B2B event’s motto, according to founder and CEO of IIS Mr Rohit Kukreja, was to create brand awareness and promoting health and fitness as a premier lifestyle choice. 

This was the second edition of the show, which had held its first edition in 2019. 

The show was divided into three segments: Inspire India Conclave, Inspire India Awards and Fitness Fashion show. 

The event was hosted by Nipun Aggarwal and Jinnie Gogia Chugh. 

The IIS Conclave saw members from the fitness community share their views and opinions on the ongoing scenario of the sector. Stressing on building a stronger network within the fitness industry, gym owners, retailers, athletes and celebrities participated in the conclave. 

Celebrity trainers Samir Jaura and Mohan Savalkar and social media influencers Ayesha Khurana, Palak Sharma and Jyoti Gupta participated in the IIS Conclave. 

Under the “Inspiring Nutrition Brands (MyProtein)”, the participants in the conclave were Sudeshna Saha (Regional Manager, MyProtein India), Mukesh Gahlot (Brand ambassador) and Anuj Tyagi (Influencer). Kaizer Luxury Lifestyle Oils Founder, Manbir Dager also took part in it.

Other participants in the IIS Conclave were as follows: Dr Chirag Sethi, Founder of Classic Fitness Academies, Founders of KFS Fitness Mr Aakash Dubey and Mr Vinod Bhati, Coaches Mr Imraan Khan and Mr Sunil Sheoran, while Mr Mukesh Gahlot participated in the special segment of the IIS Conclave. 

Komal Singh of LYS Gym, Mohinder Malik (Director, OPPO Mobiles INDIA PVT LTD and MSM RETAIL PVT LTD), Mr Asad Hussain (Founder of Team Curves) along with Sunaina Setia, Jyoti Gupta, Manpreet Bumrah, Rudranshi Sharma, Shikha Gupta and JYOTHI Poojari also participated in the Conclave.

The second segment of IIS 2021 was the Inspire India awards, which are given to people who have inspired a gamut of individuals to take up a healthy and fit lifestyle by following a daily health and fitness regime. 

An honest appreciation of fitness influencers, the Inspire India awards are among the most credible recognitions in the field of health and fitness. 

Here’s a list of winners of Inspire India awards for 2021:
• Inspiring Celebrity Trainer – Mohan Savalkar
• Inspiring Achiever in the Field of Health and Fitness (Male)- Samir Jaura
• Inspiring Transformation Specialist – Asad Hussain
• Inspiring Indian Athlete (Female) – Sunaina Setia
• Inspiring Indian Coach – Mukesh Gahlot
• Inspiring International Nutrition Brand of The Year –  My Protein
• Inspiring Equipment Brand of The Year – KFS
• Inspiring Innovation In Nutrition – Kaizer  Luxury Oils
• Inspiring Cupping Therapist – Dr Mahmood Khan
• Inspiring Gym Manipur – SR Fitness Gym Dr Reizwan
• Inspiring Gym Bihar – Dr Richa Bhagat
• Inspiring Fitness Education Academy – Classic Fitness Academy
• Inspiring Achiever in the Field of Health and Fitness (Female)- Dr Rita Jairath
• Inspiring Voice of Athletes  – Nipun Aggarwal
• Inspiring Indian Distributor (Meerut) – Haris Khan
• Inspiring Nutrition Store Chain of the Year – Buyceps 
• Inspiring Social Media Influencer (Female) – Ayesha Khurana
• Inspiring Prep Coach (Bodybuilding) – Imran Khan
• Inspiring Social Media Influencer (Male) – Mahey Alam
• Inspiring Contest Prep Educator – Sunil Sheoran
• Inspiring New Face of the Year – Ravi Pawar
• Inspiring Fitness Writer – Jinnie Gogia Chugh
• Inspiring Fitness Trainer – Anuj Tyagi
• Inspiring Emerging coach of the year – Shantanu yadav

The third and final segment of IIS 2021 was the fitness fashion show, an innovative walk of fame to show team strength. 

It was a fashion show with a difference, where health and nutrition brands showed love and affection for the people associated with them. 

Team Curves BY ASAD / ODDS BY ASAD led by Asad Hussain and KFS participated in the fashion show. The CEOs of health brands acted show stoppers in it.

The Inspire India Summit 2021 had the privilege to be supported by some of the most credible brands from the health and fitness industry, like MyProtein and KFS as Platinum partner and Kaizer Luxury Oils as Supporting partner.

The event also received a huge applause on social media by some of the biggest names from Bollywood, who supported their fitness trainers, who had participated in the event. 

Veteran actor Sunny Deol and his son Karan Deol are currently trained by Mohan Savalkar, while Samir Jaura trains Bollywood heart throb Kartik Aryan, Aashim Gulati and Arjun Mathur. 

The stars showed their love and affection for their trainers by putting up Instagram stories and videos on social media.  

They spoke about the experience and knowledge of their respective fitness trainers and urged the audience and fans to listen and learn from them via the platform provided by the Inspire India Summit 2021.

Highlighting the vision and goal for IIS 2022, Mr Rohit Kukreja said, “We are looking at a 300 per cent growth rate in the year 2022 by expanding the show to multiple cities and involving multiple sports activities. When we say growth, we mean the growth of the health and fitness community along with show. There are lakhs and crores of athletes, more than 1,000 brands, influencers and coaches who all have a journey to share. Our vision is to empower and associate with as many credible names from the health and fitness field and form a community where people can empower each other. We also want to create a network of create employment opportunities for people in the sector.”

IIS 2022 is primarily backed by KFS fitness, known for their quality and after sales services of fitness equipments in India.

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