Masala Lasagna, Bread Lasagna And More: 5 Lasagna Recipes You Must Try


Italian food lovers, raise your hands! From bite-sized snacks to luscious cheesy delicacies like pasta, pizza and more, Italian recipes can instantaneously enhance the spread as well as mood in any party or occasion. However, if you are bored of having the same old regular pizzas, pastas and wish to experiment with something new and exciting, then you are at the right place. Here we bring you a list of lasagna recipes that are sure to be loved by all. With rich layers of cheese, exotic flavours, veggies, meat, chicken and seasonings oozing between handmade pasta/sheets , these unique Lasagna recipes spell indulgence in every bite and are sure to delight your guests with its unique taste and texture.So, without much further ado, Let’s get into the making of these sensational recipes.

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Here’s A List Of 5 Lasagna Recipes To Prepare At Home:

1. Vegetable Lasagna

Let’s start the list with this one. Brimming with many flavours, this lasagne recipe is irresistible! Sheets of lasagne layered with tomato ketchup, white sauce and crunchy vegetables. Drizzled with a considerable amount of cheese on top and baked till golden. Click here for the complete recipe.

2. Meat Lasagne

Now here we bring you a meaty delight! This lasagne recipe is made with an explosion of cheese and juicy meat chunks. Trust us, this combination is a magical treat on the taste buds. Find the recipe here.


3. Bread Lasagna

Wondering how breads can be used in making lasagna? Well, let us tell you- this recipe is all you need as a quick fix for your Italian food cravings. To prepare this, all you need is just a handful of ingredients available in the pantry and it’s done. Click here for the recipe.


4. Chicken and Mushroom Lasagna

Here we bring you a low-fat version of Lasagna recipe. Juicy chunks of chicken and delicious mushrooms all layered up with a drizzle of a refreshing tomato-basil sauce and low-fat milk. Wondering how to make it? Click here.

5. Masala Lasagna

A fusion delight! To prepare this delight, all you need is some veggies along with a pool of Indian spices and some cheese. Ps: You can also add chicken or mutton chunks in this recipe to make it even more delightful. If you would love to try more Indo-Italian recipes, click here.

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Head straight to your kitchen, try out these recipes to impress your guests and let us know their reactions in the comment section below.

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