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The T20 World Cup final will be played between Pakistan and England at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Sunday. One question on everyone’s mind ahead of the summit clash is about the weather and if the day will hold for a full 40-overs game. The forecast is for the rain to play spoilsport in the game, and there are ominous signs for the summit clash. As per AccuWeather, there is a 52 percent chance of rain at 7 PM Melbourne Time (1:30 PM IST). At 2:30 PM IST, the chance of rain comes down a little to 49 percent.

But around 3:30 PM IST (9PM Melbourne Time), the chances of rain pickup once again and it goes upto 59 percent. Now, it needs to be seen whether play is possible on Sunday or whether the reserve day (Monday) comes into play to decide a winner for the World Cup.

On Saturday, the International Cricket Council (ICC) had announced a few changes to the playing conditions for the final.

“The Event Technical Committee (ETC) has increased the provision of additional playing time on the reserve day to four hours from the original provision of two hours (clause 13.7.3 of the Playing Conditions), in case more time is required to complete the match and get a result,” stated an official release.

For the final, 10 overs per side are required to constitute a match in the knockout stage.

“It may be noted that 10 overs per side are required to constitute a match in the knockout stage and every effort will be taken to complete the match on the scheduled match day, with any necessary reduction of overs taking place,” stated the release.

“Only if the minimum number of overs necessary to constitute a match cannot be bowled on Sunday will the match go into the reserve day. Play on the reserve day will begin at 15h00 (9:30AM IST) and would be a continuation of play from the scheduled match day,” it added.


There are 30 minutes of extra time available for the match to be completed on Sunday, while an additional four hours of spare time is available on Monday for the match to be completed.

A Super Over will be played should scores be tied at the end of the match and if the weather interferes and the Super Over cannot be completed, then Pakistan and England will be declared joint winners.

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