Question: Name One Stock You Have Held For More Than 20 Years


Sensex and Nifty had crashed by around 6 per cent on Monday.

Indian share markets have been quite volatile for the past couple of days. Benchmark indices have been falling for five consecutive days, fueled by worries of increasing US treasury rates ahead of the US Fed’s planned meeting. 

Besides, geo-political tensions between Russia and Ukrain, rising dollar index, and surging oil prices and bond yield added to the woes.

Key indices BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty had crashed by around 6 per cent on Monday wiping out nearly Rs 10 lakh crore of investors’ wealth. Around 22 per cent of the stocks trading on the BSE were locked in the lower circuit limit and out of the 3,844 stocks listed on BSE, around 3,000 ended in the red.

Luckily on Tuesday, markets snapped their five-day losing run and ended on a positive note in a highly volatile session as global markets stabilised.

At times like these, we’re reminded by a quote from Seth Klarman which goes as:

In a market downturn, momentum investors cannot find momentum, growth investors worry about a slowdown, and technical analysts don’t like their charts. But the value investing discipline tells you exactly what to do.

Now, there’s only one way to conclusively prove that you are a true-blue long-term investor.

Yes, dear reader, it’s time to speak up. 

Tell us the story behind the one stock you picked up ages ago…

Tell us why you picked it up…

Tell us how you managed to hold on to it for so many years…

Tell us everything you can share. 

Over the next few weeks, we plan to publish some of your stories so that others may learn from them. 

Remember, whatever you share will be edited suitably to protect your privacy. So, no names or email ids or any other personally identifiable information. 

Ready to prove your credentials?

Share your stock story here… 

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