Reddit Testing Use of NFTs as Profile Pictures: Report

Reddit is reportedly planning to add a feature that will let its users showcase their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as profile pictures. This feature will be similar to the one Twitter introduced earlier this month. However, details about Reddit’s NFT profile picture feature are yet to be decided, as per the report. Last year, Reddit also announced its own NFT dubbed CryptoSnoo. The report mentions that users will be able to use CryptoSnoos and other NFTs as profile pictures on Reddit.

In a statement provided to TechCrunch on Wednesday, Reddit spokesperson Tim Rathschmidt said “We’re always exploring ways to provide value for users and communities on Reddit.” He further added that “At the moment we’re testing the ability to use NFTs as profile pictures (avatars) and verify ownership.”

Reddit did not announce when the feature will be available. Instead, Rathschmidt mentioned: “It’s a small, internal test and no decisions have been made about expanding or rolling out the capability.”

This feature is said to be similar to the one introduced by Twitter last week. The micro-blogging website provides users with a new tool that lets them showcase NFTs as their profile pictures. On Twitter, NFT profile pictures appear as hexagons rather than in circular format that is available for regular profile pictures. Tapping on the pictures prompts details about the art and its ownership to appear.

In June 2021, Reddit announced CryptoSnoo NFTs. The limited run NFTs are built on Ethereum. Ethereum price in India as of January 27 at 4:57pm IST was Rs. 1.98 lakh.

According to Reddit “CryptoSnoos represent some of the most groundbreaking moments in art history.” Once a user purchases a CryptoSnoo NFT and links it to their Reddit account, the NFT image becomes the user’s avatar on the social media platform. Additionally, users get a collectible NFT card on their profile and the comments made by the user get an animated glow.

Snoo in CryptoSnoo refers to Reddit’s alien mascot. The NFTs are a variant of the Snoo mascot. As of now, there are four CryptoSnoo NFTs released — one being an 8-bit style version of Snoo, one is a Helium balloon Snoo, one is represented as a disco-ball Snoo, and one represents a modern-art inspired Snoo. As of now, CryptoSnoo is only available on Reddit’s desktop website.

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