The Gol Gappa Connection: Indian Brides That Won The Internet With Their Obsession For This Street Food


To say that Indians love gol gappa will be an understatement. Because we are not just in love with gol gappa, we are downright crazy for them! Come winter or summer, there is no ‘one’ right season to devour plates of these crunchy and sour treats. And the throngs of people surrounding gol gappa corners in any part of the city are all the proof you need to know that. A quintessential street snack, gol gappa/pani puri or puchka has recently become a must-have shaadi snack too. You can find people line up in front of the gol gappa stand in any wedding that you go to, including the bride and groom.

In fact, recently, we have seen an increase in the number of brides and grooms openly enjoying this street food off their wedding menu. Food videos are an undeniable hit on the internet and so are adorable wedding videos. And what do you get when you combine both? Super hit content that is loved by one and all! We have seen a number of bizarre, adorable and funny videos showcasing Indian brides and their obsession with gol gappas. And we thought why not list out these videos for you to enjoy all in one go! Here is a list of Indian brides that won our hearts by showcasing their love for gol gappas.

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1. Groom Helps Bride Enjoy Golgappa:

This bride seems to have found the perfect partner to support her food cravings. In a video from the wedding, we can see the bride is trying to enjoy delicious gol gappe but her wedding jewellery comes in the way. She turns towards the groom, and he lovingly lifts the heavy nose ring so she can enjoy her gol gappa. The adorable video left viewers commenting ‘Perfect’. Read more about it here.

Groom helps bride enjoy gol gappa

2. Bride Has Her Pani Puri Priorities Straight:

In a viral video shared by the bride herself, we can see her putting her hand out for a piece of delicious pani puri. Sadly, she is served an atte ka puri which she promptly gives to her husband by saying “yeh atte ka hai, yeh mujhe nahi chhaiye” (This is made of atta, I don’t want this). Her friends and family burst out into a fit of laughter and the bride can be seen adorably giggling too. Read more about it here.

3. Bride Wears Jewellery Made With Pani Puri:

You might be the biggest fan of pani puri, but are you crazy enough to include it in your wedding jewellery? In a short clip shared by the makeup artist of this particular bride, we could see the bride was wearing a garland and bracelet made with golgappas. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video to see for yourself.

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4. Bride Makes Groom Long For Pani Puri:

The wedding day can be a long and tiring one, and this mischievous bride found just the right way to entertain herself and guests. In a viral video, we could see the bride tricking the groom while eating pani puri. She takes a mouth-watering puri, filled with stuffing and tangy water, towards the groom and as he opens his mouth to eat it, immediately moves the puri away and eats it herself. She does this a couple of times leaving the groom longing for his turn. The video had left the internet in splits. Take a look here.

5. Groom Feeds Bride Pani Puri In Viral Video:

A groom won over the internet for catering to his wife’s cravings. In a viral video, we could see a newlywed couple who has come to eat right after tying the knot. The groom lovingly feeds pani puri to the bride and it left viewers gushing at how adorable the couple looked. The post was captioned “Shadi apni jagah, Gol gappe apni jagah, (marriage is one thing, Golgappe is another)”. Read more about it here.


Groom feeds pain puri to the bride

All this talk of the savoury ad tangy pani puri is making us crave for some! While we sneak off for a quick plate, why don’t you let us know of any other crazy gol gappa stories that you have heard off? Leave it in the comment section below.

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