COVID-19: Kerala witnesses total shutdown during Sunday lockdown


Thampanoor: Kerala witnessed a total shutdown and streets wore a deserted look on Sunday as the state government imposed a Sunday curfew amid the rising COVID-19 cases in the state.

Only shops selling essential items are allowed to open from 7 am to 9 pm.


Meanwhile, people working in the essential service sectors can travel. Travel to the hospital and for vaccination, purposes is also allowed. The police are conducting checks at different places in the state.

The government has asked hotels and restaurants to host in house dining. However, parcel services will be allowed from 7 am to 9 pm. Train services are available but only Kerala state transport corporation will do long-distance service.

The state has relieved the tourists of the restrictions by allowing them to travel.

Meanwhile, as 4,000 fresh COVID-19 cases were reported in Kottayam, all social gatherings have been banned in the district, shops and markets are closed, and even places of worship are closed. Churches are conducting Sunday masses virtually.


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