How To Increase The Life of Your Tyres


The life span of the tyres is something that no car owner should be unaware of. Therefore, replacing your tyres at the right time to ensure your safety is recommended.

Most car owners don’t realise the impact tyres have on the vehicle’s performance. Tyres are the only moving link between the road and the vehicle. It is a tyre that gives a smooth driving experience even on curvy and rough roads. Tyres are the most crucial component of a vehicle. Still, car owners remain ignorant of the maintenance of their tyres. Ignoring the ageing signs on the tyres is not intelligence. So, we have come up with some tips on how to increase the life of the tyres.

How do you increase the lifespan of the tyres?

The question that keeps hitting a car owner’s mind is, “how do we increase the lifespan of the tyres?” Well, you need to be careful and watchful. The healthier the tyres, the longer they last.


Tyre rotation

Tyre rotation can significantly increase the longevity of your tyres. The reason is that the tyres on the live axle are more inclined to damage than those on the free axle because of less friction. Therefore, one should rotate the tyres at regular intervals to lessen the chances of blowouts and flat tyres. You can even bring a spare tyre if you like. Rotating the tyres equalises the damage among the five tyres. 


Wheel alignment

With regular wheel alignment, you can ensure that all the tyres are evenly damaged. Furthermore, by doing so, any malfunctioning components of the suspension will also come into your observation. Therefore, it is an excellent method to keep your tyres and car suspension in shape.

Correct air pressure

Air pressure should be checked periodically. Modern cars notify the owner if the air pressure goes down in any of the four tyres. You should keep the air pressure as high as the manufacturer recommends. You can find it in the manual or on the driver’s door. Over and underinflation should be avoided as overinflation impacts the braking, and the chances of breakout increase. Underinflation impacts braking and acceleration. The tyre becomes more prone to damage in such situations. It is the best way to increase the life of your tyres.


Routine suspension inspection

Your tyres are directly connected to the suspension. If anything goes wrong with suspension components, it directly affects the tire’s health. It would help if you went for a regular suspension inspection to ensure the long life of your tyres.

Using OEM-spec wheels and tyres,

These days, it is a trend among car users to change the rims and wheels of their cars to give them a striking look. We would recommend you get it done by a tyre specialist. However, it should be avoided. Using wide tyres may be good, but it changes at least one of the parameters of the car.


Avoid sudden breaks and acceleration.

Sudden braking and acceleration can adversely affect the lifespan of your car’s tyres. Due to the generation of friction while accelerating and braking. Therefore, one should avoid unnecessarily braking and accelerating.


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