Planning To Buy A Used Mahindra Thar? Here’s A Checklist


Buying a pre-owned Mahindra Thar can be difficult, that is until you know the checklist of issues to watch out for.

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Check the coolant levels before purchasing a Mahindra Thar.

The off-roading scene is a pre-dominantly niche segment, with only hard-core off-road junkies opting for a full-fledged off-road machine as their daily driver. However, in the recent past, this segment has welcomed first-timers, choosing a proper off-road SUV with either a 4×2 or 4×4 system, to learn the ropes of driving off-road. However, not everyone wants to own a new vehicle, which costs anywhere to the north of ₹ 12-15 lakh, especially because they don’t want it as their primary vehicle. So, the best place to look for one is the used car space, and the choice of poison, is a used Mahindra Thar, specifically, a first-generation model. But, buying a pre-owned Mahindra Thar can be difficult, that is until you know the checklist of issues to watch out for.

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Mahindra Thar is one of the most capable off-road SUVs available in India, and a buyer’s favourite in the used car space. 

  1. First off, do not be startled if the model you’re looking for rattles, as it is part of the whole ownership experience of a rugged off-roader. But any major disturbances should be thoroughly inspected.
  2. Check the underbody of the Thar meticulously, whether the model in question is damaged or bruised from below because the chances are high of finding one. Ideally, move to another one if the undercarriage, sump guard, or the 4WD transfer case are broken or damaged.
  3. The major obstacle in the older Mahindra Thar was the positioning of the handbrake, which the owners preferred leaving it parked in gear, resulting in a broken actuator wire. This could, however, be fixed easily.
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    Check for holes, cracks, and tears in a soft-top version.

  4. Do check for aftermarket fitments and modifications. Most owners would go for multiple changes to the stock Thar, with changes to the electrical fitments such as the auxiliary lamps and LED bars.
  5. Another important check is of the snorkel, off-road tyres, and high-lift suspension kit. Don’t be tempted to compromise if you find one with a broken element, as it could be a major problem later.
  6. The Thar came with one of the most durable engines and gearbox systems, but it wouldn’t hurt to thoroughly check before investing in the car.
  7. Check the coolant levels before purchasing a Mahindra Thar.
  8. If opting for a soft-top version, then check for holes, cracks, and tears, as it could result in rainwater leaking inside the car.
    2015 mahindra thar 5

    The major obstacle in the older Mahindra Thar, was the positioning of the handbrake.

  9. Rusting is one of the major concerns with Mahindra Thar owners especially if the car is parked in moist weather. Some owners might have tried to hide these by repainting the area.
  10. The older Thar had one constant issue with its cooling ability, so check for any problems with the AC unit for any odd compressor sounds.


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